The European Table Olives

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To this day, specific European table olive varieties are still made in the most natural way. They ripen on the tree and are then placed in brine to soak their bitterness out as they mature naturally. Once they are ready, olive oil or vinegar may be added to the brine depending on the type of olive.

Focusing on consumer needs and quality assurance and in order to ensure that all valuable nutrients remain intact, European table olives continuously undergo strict controls at various stages starting from the olive grove all way up to the final production and packing stage.

Your anytime snack!

Different varieties and types of table olives produced in the European Union (EU) can be found in the market. Among the most popular are the three naturally tree ripened varieties: Kalamata, Konservolia (black) and Throumpa olives.

The green Chalkidiki and Konservolia olives, are also a classic all time favorite. A great range of table olive products is available to the consumer: stuffed, pitted, sliced, cut in halves or quarters, flavored with fennel, tarragon, lemon zest, in vinegar, marinated, even as olive spread. They may come in jars, bags, cans, or in small plastic kegs.

Discover the principal varieties and enjoy them as the perfect anytime snack!

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