Naturally. Mediterranean

The olive fruit is a key component of the famous "Mediterranean diet" that UNESCO has officially declared as an Inherited Cultural Heritage of Humanity." The use of table olive in nutrition is not just about its flavor and nutrition but it is linked to a true lifestyle that has its roots in the lifestyle of every place and the value given to its traditional foods.

Naturally. Gourmet

Table olive, more and more in recent years, is moving and inspiring the world of high gastronomy. As the Mediterranean cuisine becomes the chef's favorite cuisine all over the world, the olive acquires a special glow by participating in the preparation of the most gourmet dishes. The many olive varieties and their enormous range of flavors offer countless choices for special and specially tasty flavors.

Naturally. Snacking

Olives do not have their own time to enjoy them. It is one of the few natural foods that can be a healthy snack for every hour and every occasion. Pure, together with bread, in a healthy salad, breakfast or a sandwich, at home, school, office, during a walk, they offer enjoyment, but also the energy that the body needs to cope with day's activities.

Naturally. Natural

Beyond the benefits of olive due to its nutrients, it is also considered an important carrier of probiotic bacteria. These microorganisms, upon entry into the body, can provide beneficial effects such as regulation of intestinal microflora and improved digestion, antimicrobial activity, cleavage of plant complexes, release of inorganic components, as well as antioxidant activity, either through the action of themselves or the ingredients they produce during their metabolism.

Thus, we could say that the olive can be considered a functional food, the consumption of which has beneficial effects on the body and promotes good health.

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