May 22, 2019

Cooking show SIAL Paris

During the International Trade Fair “Sial 2018”, just across the “Olive You” pavillion, a cook seminar was held on 22nd October, 2018.
May 20, 2019


October 12, 2018


The Panhellenic Association of Processors, Packers and Exporters of Table Olives (PEMETE) presented the „OLIVE YOU, European Table Olives from Greece” campaign in France, during „Sial 2018”, the largest food and beverage trade show in France and one in the largest in Europe, that took place at the „Parc des Expositions de Paris-Nord Villepinte” Conventional Centre in Paris, between 21-25 October.
September 20, 2018

OLIVE YOU, European Table Olives from Greece: highlighting their superior quality and taste at Fine Food 2018

June 7, 2018

Single nights – The Grove

The Programme “Olive You” offers sponsorship to single nights that are performed by the biggest companies / dating platforms so that the product may be connected with the loose and pleasant atmosphere of the particular thematic nights.
June 1, 2018

Special offers in restaurants and bars in Great Britain

The action took place in 4 restaurants, for 2 weeks, between 14-28 February 2018. During the event, table olives were placed in a bowl, on the tables...
May 10, 2018

The Notting Hill Hall (Russel Square, Bloomsbury, London, WC1B 4JP) press event

November 8, 2017

‘Olive You’ promotes European table olives at the International Food Fair ANUGA 2017

On the occasion of ANUGA, the Pan-Hellenic Association of Processors Packers- Exporters of Table olives (PEMETE), presented the ‘OLIVE YOU’ campaign in Germany.