1. Gender

2. Age group

3. Do you live in Great Britain?
If not, please specify country of living

4. Status
SingleSingle with childrenMarried without childrenMarried with children

5. Do you consume table olives?

6. If yes, which of the types below do you prefer?
Whole olives (with pit)Pitted olivesSliced olivesStuffed olivesOlive Spread
If stuffed, please specify stuffing(s) preferred

7. If yes, how do you consume table olives?
In SaladsIn sandwichesIn cooking/ pasta saucesAs pizza toppingIn drinksAs appetizers/snacksOther
If other, please specify

8. How often do you consume olives?

9. Do you know which European countries produce table olives?
If other, please specify

10. Which European olive varieties do you know?
If other, please specify

11.Where do you purchase table olives from?
Super marketsConvenience storesDelicatessen/Fine Food StoresFood markets (open markets)Club StoresOnlineI do not purchase table olivesOther
If other, please specify

12.Which packaging do you prefer for table olives?
Glass jarsPlastic traysPlastic kegsTinsSnack packsAny one available in olive barsOther
If other, please specify

13.Which are the characteristics that you prefer in table olives?
Reduced saltBitterSpicySour (acidic)CrunchyButteryOther
If other, please specify

14.Which factors can influence you to buy table olives?
Please indicate level of influence (5=Very important, 1=Not important)

Price 12345
Packaging 12345
Nutritional Info (salt level, calories etc.) 12345
Brand 12345
Organic 12345
Non GMO 12345
Gluten Free 12345
Kosher 12345
Halal 12345
No preservatives 12345
No artificial colors 12345
If other, please specify

15. Do you recognize the following trademark/sign?

YES, I recognize it but I don't know what it representsYES, I recognize it and Ι know what it representsNO, I don't recognize it

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