As part of the social policy of “Olive You” campaign and PEMETE, and because of the great impact of the campaign in the US, program partners organized a cooking course for children with autism in New York, on 10 March 2019.

Autism is a serious neuro-psychological disorder and not a psychiatric illness but is part of the category of Diffuse Developmental Disorders. In the context of these disorders, the development of certain psychological skills that are vital to the psycho-social functioning and sufficiency of human beings is hampered or difficult.

With the crutial contribution of advisors of the special schools, especially with regard to the terminology used in the country, we created a brochure / puzzle game especially for the event. Its artwork, semiologically, symbolizes the disruption of people with autism while “the balloon” supports the joy of the child. The “Olive You” sign on the balloon symbolizes the support of the Program to children with autism.

The “Olive You” team has been very proud to organize this day and being part of the joy the children brought to us!

* The “Olive You” campaign is binded by law not to publish any photographs with children.