The Panhellenic Association of Processors, Packers and Exporters of Table Olives (PEMETE) presented the „OLIVE YOU, European Table Olives from Greece“ campaign in France, during „Sial 2018“, the largest food and beverage trade show in France and one in the largest in Europe, that took place at the „Parc des Expositions de Paris-Nord Villepinte“ Conventional Centre in Paris, between 21-25 October.

Under the umbrella of the „Olive You“ campaign, the 7 companies-members of PEMETE participated in this significant trade fair with a series of modern pavilions, with an elegant and unified visual that brought up the contemporary profile of the European Table Olives from Greece. More that 2.000 importers and professionals from the HoReCa industry visited the Olive You pavilions, getting to know the european table olive varieties from Greece, while getting informed regarding the qualitative and tasting characteristics of the commercial types of the product. There was also a big number of visitors that filled in the campaigns questionnaire, resulting the collection of useful information regarding the knowledge and trends of the market in France and the rest of Europe regarding the table olive varieties as well as the packaging and the commercial types of the product. The Olive You pavilions were honored with the presence of the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Mr. Vassilios Kokalis, the Greek Ambassador in Paris Mrs Aglaia Balta as well as the Consultant of Economic and Commercial Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mrs Efrosini Mita.

The „OLIVE YOU, European Table Olives from Greece“ campaign in „Sial 2018“ was successful since the goals of informing visitors and the realisation of business meetings were met in order to establish and further grow business agreements as well as familiarize customers with the nutritional values and the natural growth of the product (black natural olives).