European Table Olives

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Different varieties and types of table olives produced in the European Union (EU) can be found in the market.

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Cooking with olives

A great range of table olive products is available to the consumer: stuffed, pitted, sliced, cut in halves or quarters, flavored with fennel, tarragon, lemon zest, in vinegar, marinated, even as olive spread. They may come in jars, bags, cans, or in small plastic kegs.

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European Table Olive Varieties

The most famous and sought after olive in the world. Purple black, almond shaped and shiny, it is just the thing when it comes to healthy Mediterranean diet.
A greenish olive harvested when not yet fully ripe, it is slit lengthwise or ‘cracked’ to remove the bitterness. They are kept in brine and are ready for consumption in 2-3 days.
The olive with the highest nutritional value and the richest flavor, as it’s left to ripen on the tree.
Small black shrivelled olives, their bitterness removed while ripening, they have a distinct flavor.

A guided tour to some of Europe’s most famous
Table Olive Varieties

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